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Jul 20 2017 Our Goal Has Always Been Quality

When you begin your search for a new barn, you want one that’s both durable and comfortable for your horses. There are several different options on the market, but finding the right one can be hard. Wooden barns break down over time. They need frequent repair from weather damage. Plus, your horses can damage a wooden barn with any kicking or chewing they do. Cinder block barns are a worse choice for your wallet and your horses’ comfort. If a horse kicks a cinderblock barn, it could cause serious injury in their hoof.

The perfect barn should be durable, easy to maintain, and meet your needs. At MD Building Systems of Florida, or mission has been to provide the perfect barn for you and your horses from the very beginning.

Our story

We trace our roots back to 1998. At the time, our president, Marty Knapp, was competing in horse shows together with his father. That same year, they purchased the property they needed to build a horse facility. At first, Marty wanted to build the facility from brick, seeing it then as the most durable option. That was before his father introduced him to MD Barnmaster. Marty was completely against the idea of modular, custom barns at first. But then he took the time to see the system at work in person. Marty went to check out display barns on a factory tour, and it completely changed his mind. The concept, design, and engineering were all sound in Marty’s eyes. It was the best way he had seen for keeping his horses safe and comfortable in a setting that completely matched his needs.

Once he returned from seeing the display barns, Marty made an order from the MD Barnmaster dealer in Texas. Soon after that, the MD Barnmaster team let him know they thought he would be a great fit to run a dealership in Florida. He couldn’t help but to choose being part of the company’s mission. Marty became president of MD Building Systems of Florida on January 1, 1999. Ever since, he’s been helping people get the perfect barns for their needs.

Our Core Value

Marty believed that you shouldn’t sell something to other people that you wouldn’t use yourself. When he saw MD Barnmaster equipment in action, he knew that there was no better way to keep his horses safe. In turn, he wanted to pass on that level of quality on to more people. There’s no reason you should settle on outdated methods of enclosing your horses when there is an affordable, simple method within arm’s reach.

Get a Barn that Lasts

Since launching in 1999, it’s been our mission to provide Florida with barns that last. Everyone’s needs are different. With our custom modular barn system, we can meet them all. When you choose us for your barn needs, you can trust you’re working with experts who care about your needs. No matter what you want out of a barn, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us now or call us at (863) 221-0126 to learn how MD Building Systems of Florida can help you get the barn of your dreams.

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