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Jul 7 2017 Your Quick Guide to Different Types of Barns

Ceiling inside an RCA Barn with Horse Stalls

Shopping around for a new barn in Florida can be tiring. Relying on a wood or brick barn in Florida can mean trouble because of the climate. Traditional wooden barns don’t have what it takes to stand up to Florida’s hot, humid environment. If they ever come up against hurricane force winds, they don’t offer much durability. Don’t you want a barn you can depend on to stand up to the elements and keep your horses safe?

MD Building Systems of Florida will provide you with an affordable custom barn that meets your every expectation. We offer many types of barn styles with endless options. When you build your barn with us, you get a barn built just for you.

Our Barn options

Our barns come in several different shapes and sizes. Find out more about our different styles to find the right one for you.

Raised Center Aisle Barns

Our Raised Center Aisle (RCA) barns are an incredibly popular option. They feature an elevated middle roof section with 18-inch window openings that run all the way down both sides of the barn. They add more natural lighting and much better airflow as a result. That comes in handy during hot florida summers. RCA barns are brighter, cooler, and more energy-efficient.

Gable-Roofed Barns

For a more traditional approach, a gable-roofed barn can’t be beat. This breezeway barn offers a classic look with the added benefit of precision modular construction. We offer gable-roofed barns in an endless combination of sizes, layouts, options, accessories, and colors to meet your needs.

Gambrel Barns

Another traditional option for a breezeway horse barn is the gambrel style. The gambrel barn style is based on the midwestern dairy barn design. The shallower slope of the roof provides much more headroom compared to the gable barn. That means more room to play with for storage.

Shed-Row Barns

Where more traditional barns have a breezeway structure, our shed-row inline barns offer a more streamlined approach. The stalls in these barns open outward rather than inward, giving you much quicker access to your horses.The shed-row style is a great option if you’re building on a tight budget or don’t have much space to work with.

Our shed-row barns come in the following configurations:

  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • T-shaped
  • H-shaped
  • Back-to-back

Covered Arenas

If you can’t seem to escape the rain or the beating sun, a covered arena from MD Building Systems of Florida is the answer you’ve been looking for. We can make any size ring or arena you need. That way, you can ride your horse in comfort and convenience no matter the weather.

Unlimited Options

We believe customization is key. Every style of barn we offer can be tailored to your style and needs. We offer flexibility in color choice, layout, and size. With MD Building Systems of Florida, the only limit is your imagination. Your barn is going to last you a long time, so why not make it one you enjoy?

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