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May 15 2017 Project Spotlight: Spirtis Barn

MD Building Systems of Florida recently completed a custom barn for a resident who already had an MD barn at his North Carolina farm and wanted a second at his Florida property. Being a home builder, he sought a barn that was unique, and MD Building Systems was right for the job given the variety of options that come with our modular builds. He wanted a safe barn for his horses with good airflow and ease of maintenance. We decided a raised center aisle barn with custom features would be ideal.

The process of building the barn didn’t take long at all. That’s largely due to our modular building process that significantly cuts construction time. It also cuts down on labor, coming to 25% labor costs, so he got more material and value for cost. The process was relatively easy, moving from order to engineering to the build in Florida quite quickly, taking about eight weeks from the order coming in to being completed.

What we ended up doing for Mark was a 3,800 square feet RCA barn built to hold up to strong Florida winds. We customized it with a tongue and groove ceiling and a side porch along the horse stalls for the horses to easily get out of the elements. We enclosed it with windows fit for storm season and added an interior garage for utility vehicles, an office with a restroom, and rubber pavers on the center aisle for grip and comfort for the horses.

See photos below.

Ceiling Fans Installed in an RCA Horse Barn Closed Breezeway Doors on a Gable Barn Breezeway inside a Gable Roof Horse Barn Gable Horse Barn with Open Windows Gable-Roof Horse Barn Breezeway inside RCA Barn with Horse Stalls RCA Horse Barn with Equipment Storage Garage

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